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This MOD is a completely unofficial original story MOD. You can enjoy a different atmosphere from the head home.
However, since this story is 100% horror, we can not recommend players who are not good at horror or weak against heart.
If you are mentally weak, YOU MUST NOT PLAY THIS MOD!!
The MOD production team and Team Salvato are not responsible for any damage or damage in this game, Please play at your own risk. We are using unofficial Japanese patch for this MOD. If you use this patch, download the vanilla DDLC (straight DDLC which does not apply MOD to anything) from the headquarters
or delete Japanese patch(jp.rpa and none.rpa). Then, Please apply to vanilla DDLC this MOD.

DOWNLOAD(For directly downloading)



Official Release

Prohibited playing on steam
Fixed some of misspelling

Specification change of fake title
Allowed playing on steam
(Just in case, try after deleting save files)

Added "Chapter mode"
Fixed script for new function
Reset saves(To prevent compatibility errors with previous versions
Stopped appearing menu with Escape key
Fixed some of misspelling
Added window color for characters

Fixed for chapter 10

Added hidden element
Specification change of some hidden elements
Added Bad End and Normal End in chapter mode
(If you select Normal End, you can't go back true title screen.So be caraful.)

Some system modifications (there is no effect on the story)
Changed part of the contents of README
Because of chapter mode introduction,deleted persistent data delete tool
(You can't use this tool because we changed directory of save data,so be careful)

Changed some performance
Fixed processing initialization of process list

Deleted item of persistent files in README
Deleted history log when you select chapter

Added Rollback system

Lowered the contrast of Monika and Sayori's text window color

Added Delete MOD System
Fixed Rollback settings

Added PC User Name APPEAR/HIDE Settings

v1.2.0 is for only Japanese,sorry...

You can save at some of choise scene

v1.2.2 is for only Japanese,sorry...

When deleting firstrun, it takes over the language setting that was started last
Generate file for inheriting language settings
(It is generated at the time of first start, MOD data deletion, unofficial Japanese patch deletion)
Change directory of save data to prevent problems with save data

Added balloon notification function only for Windows user
When installing, copy the folder written as python-package, too

As the name of the indicator used in the balloon notification was
different from the original one, it was corrected

Poem specification now supports the latest version of unofficial Japanese patch
When switching languages, replace character files with files compatible with the specified language
Changed specifications to always change the name when switching languages
(To prevent garbled names when switching from Japanese to English)
I made it possible to change the name of the main character at any time
(Used when you proceed with the name input error at the first start or when you want to change it by feeling)

When changing the name, if you do not enter it was made not to proceed to the next
Show sprite of Sayori in part of Chapter 3

When changing the name, the initial value was left blank

Added "delete Python file" when deleting MOD

Since some bugs that do not trigger the production will be closed

Specification change of hidden file
Add hidden production
Saved data is deleted when MOD is deleted
Added rollback setting (you can rewind the dialogue with the mouse wheel)
The deletion function of the added Python file does not work, so a deletion tool has been added as a provisional

How to use↓

Hidden production added
Fine adjustment of switching effects of some chapters
Deletion of added Python files
(The distribution of the removal tool will end.)
(Please do not do anything while deleting)
Change the save destination folder because the system has been greatly modified.

Adjust text position on chapter selection screen
Change the brightness of the background image of the chapter selection screen
Change the background image of Chapter 6
When changing chapters in the main part, the chapter number you are viewing now is displayed
The game was restarted after removing DDLC unofficial Japanese patch

If the language setting file is deleted, the specification is changed so that it can be restored.

Chapter selection is now possible on first launch (set your name at first)
Partially changed warning text for first launch

Added name saving function
When renaming, cancel with Esc key
In addition, the specification has been changed to reload the game with the same name
(in order to reflect the setting of the name save function)
Added initial setting of name saving function at first startup
(You can switch the name saving function as an option.)

1.2.10 and 1.2.10a are for only Japanese

Compatible with Doki Doki Mod Manager
Added achievement function for Doki Doki Mod Manager
Specification change and bug correction of language setting file system
Added version notation and DDMM usage to window name
(When using DDMM, it is more stable not to use global save.)

Added hidden achievements for DDMM

Fixed the display after entering the name from chapter mode at the first start.

Add animation settings
Added hide some horror effects settings
Some script fixes
Specification change of name saving function

Added one achievement for DDMM
Added the performance setting function for DDMM
Added OS notation to app name

Compatible with gamepad
Some script modifications
Click here for gamepad button assignments

Chapter mode specification change

1.2.16a(2/17/2020)(Only Windows)
Fixed a bug that was not able to save in normal mode

Change chapter progress record from CSV to text (Windows only)
Changed gamepad description URL
Browser started when clicking the URL displayed in the message window

Changed the description URL of the gamepad (because it was changed to a subdomain)

Language switching for history
Added a function to delete only save data
Specification change to delete all DDMC data when console is usable

Added voice(Only Japanese)
(Along with that, added voice volume setting)
Introducing the mouth and eyes of standing characters(Made by YamamotoNew)
Script fine-tuning for full voice

Supports Blinky Flappers! v2.2.0

Supports Blinky Flappers! v2.2.1


The Original Work : Doki Doki Literature Club! by Team Salvato
Programming : mayonesu @horizonmayone
Scripts : yamamotoNEW @yamnewb
Collaborator : katykmas @sinokoki_fps
Test Players : Natsukiket @natsukiket
Special Thanks to: Chris_K
Special Thanks to: Proudust @proudust
Background Art Works: Kimagure After